Charting techniques based on Japanese candlesticks and technical analysis

Detailed syllabus of the course

  • Exactly what is technical analysis?

  • A comparison between a technical analysis and a fundamental analysis

  • An overview of sentiment analysis

  • Methodologies used in technical analysis

  • The advantages of technical analysis

  • Analyzing time frames

  • A brief overview of Japanese candlestick charting techniques

  • Charting Techniques: Benefits

  • An overview of bar charts

  • A line chart (or a chart with only closes)

  • Japanese candlestick charting techniques

  • Chart scaling and graph

  • Different types of candlestick pattern

  • Trend Reversal Pattern

  • Continuous pattern

  • Exit pattern

  • Cheat sheet on Japanese candlesticks

  • Candlesticks with support and resistance

  • Scaling and graphing of charts

  • Mistakes new traders make with Japanese Candlesticks 

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